San Diego, California

  • San Diego County's index of leading economic indicators took a nose dive in March, spurred by an increasingly bleak job market.
  • There was little good news in the employment figures, as the local unemployment rate increased from 8.9 percent in February to 9.3 percent in March.
  • Experts predict that San Diego's economy will remain weak through the end of 2009.

None of us can escape the reality of the current economic crisis. It directly impacts you and someone you know, but are you DOING SOMETHING about it? Church members need to help themselves and be willing to serve others in the community.

Join us Friday, May 8, 7 PM at the Rock Church (or watch it online), as Pastor Miles and a panel of financial experts get real about the economy from a biblical perspective.

What's in it for you?

  • Get equipped with practical ways to approach the current economic crisis.
  • Move from fear to action. Learn how to DO Something about your circumstance and help others.
  • Hear a new perspective from God's truth on how to overcome your financial situation.
  • Encourage and help others with the principles you learn.

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Featured Panelists

Randy M. Ataide

Kevin Dodge

James F. Gates

Alan Gin

James H. McEliece

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