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I grew up with childhood depression. I cannot remember when I was not depressed. I had fun like other people. But underneath was a darkness that I didn’t know how to navigate. You see, I was molested at the age of five. Get full story.
The demand for food is highest during summer months. Share this video to inspire your friends to donate to the Food Drive during the month of May. Damaris Contreras joined an i195 trip to the Philippines with hopes of leading a few souls to Christ. In the end, 1462 people gave their lives to Jesus... It was one of those ordinary afternoons that Sonya Andrews would have no reason to consider that her life was about to change forever...
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Let us help you plug in and fulfill God's vision for your life. Be a part of the Sunday experience and help fulfill the vision of the Rock. Stay informed with what's happening at the Rock. Watch this weeks Rock News.

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