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Is there anything more devastating than losing a child? Turning to drugs to mask his pain, George ended up homeless and alone until God called him home. Even when George gave up on God, God never gave up on him. Watch George's story here.
Pastor Miles urges San Diego to return to faith, family, and friends in an article in the Union Tribune memorializing Junior Seau... "I grew up with childhood depression. I cannot remember when I was not depressed. I had fun like other people. But underneath was a darkness..." Damaris Contreras joined an i195 trip to the Philippines with hopes of leading a few souls to Christ. At the end, 1462 people gave their lives to Jesus...
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Let us help you plug in and fulfill God's vision for your life. Be a part of the Sunday experience and help fulfill the vision of the Rock. Stay informed with what's happening at the Rock. Watch this weeks Rock News.

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