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When Shannon heard that a sister of her son's friend was cutting herself, Shannon's heart was touched and deeply moved. She, too, had gone through a low point in her life and knew what kind of pain the girl must be going through that made her resort to self-harm.
THRIFTY IDEAS for Christmas! Watch the SD6 clip about how to decorate your house and make creative gifts with items from Rock Thrift Store. Read how our Rock Ambassadors are taking the love of Jesus beyond our city, to the rest of the world. See the work God is continuing through them. Congratulations Pauly Soriano, our Rock Hero for October 2013! Pauly is a member of Rock Church's Pastoral Support Team...read his story here!
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Let us help you plug in and fulfill God's vision for your life. Be a part of the Sunday experience and help fulfill the vision of the Rock. See a listing of job opportunities at the Rock Church.

Help the Rock Church bring God's love to San Diego and beyond.
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