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I recently bought my 10-year-old daughter an iPhone. It seemed like the right time and she's pretty smart and responsible. The phone was a revelation, a right of passage, and almost immediately, I noticed a change in her behavior.
Just in time for SPRING! Watch the different items you can buy or donate to the Rock Thrift Store and you might catch a special performance by the "Rock Thrift Choir!" Ten years ago, when avid snowboarder Danny Leung was watching a ski movie, a feeling came over him that was more than just exhilaration at the great ski footage. I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of church and every once in awhile, it comes to me in the form of a practical idea or opportunity. The MicroSite is one of those ideas.
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Let us help you plug in and fulfill God's vision for your life. Be a part of the Sunday experience and help fulfill the vision of the Rock. See a listing of job opportunities at the Rock Church.

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